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A. April 2012 – September 2012
B. September 2014




Athens University, 1st Psychiatric Department, Section of Mental Health Promotion
Director, 1st Psychiatric Department (2012-2013): Professor G. Papadimitriou, Director, 1st Psychiatric Department (2014-2015): Professor Ch. Papageorgiou

Scientific Director: Dr Maria Vassiliadou

Trainees: 11

Timetable - Venue:
A. April 4, 2012 – September 24, 2012
B. September 8, 2014 – September 15, 2014
Lecture room, 4th floor,10 Dimitressa str.

Educational Material: Trainees have been provided with printed and electronic educational material

Exams: After the completion of practical training (16th MHP Programme)

Total hours: A. 30 (10 three-hour sessions), B. 12 (intensive course)


In order to be eligible for a certificate of attendance, trainees must attend at least 80% of the total training time.




1st Educational Session: April 4, 2012

• Mental Health – Mental Disorders: Introduction
• Mental Health Promotion: Origins, Methods, Aims
• Mental Health Promotion – Prevention of Mental disorders: Differentiation, Interface, Dialogue
M. Vassiliadou

2nd Educational Session: June 13, 2012

• Methodology for the development of specific Mental Health Promotion skills
• Mental Health Promotion: Essential educational principles- the use of the D.P.Q
M. Vassiliadou

3rd Educational Session: July 4, 2012

• Axiological Therapeutic Model: Introduction
• Axiological v. Cognitive Therapeutic Model: Differentiation, Interface, Dialogue
M. Vassiliadou

4th Educational Session: September 19, 2012

• Axiological Therapeutic Model: Therapeutic techniques
• Axiological Therapeutic Model: Therapeutic relationship
M. Vassiliadou

5th Educational Session: September 24, 2012

• A.P.D.S (Acquired Psycho Deficiency Syndrome): Essentials, Differential Diagnosis
• Presentation by trainees: Specific Mental Health Promotion practices, “Problem Solving” model (Soft System Methodology -SSM)
• Summary
M. Vassiliadou


Intensive training on the above topics: September 8 - 15, 2014
M. Vassiliadou